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Apostolic Voice of Reformation

Get Ready For Apostles

by Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck

The moment of truth has arrived for the Christian community. Believers are ready to transition into the Second Covenant. God is giving eyes back to the church through Apostolic Governance and as a result believers now have true biblical discernment and can tell the difference between a cult and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. These are the steps the Lord has taken to prepare the Body of Christ for the apostles office to receive His truth:


Realizing Apostles Are Necessary

Because the Church as a whole regulated an apostles duties as one of a missionary the true GRACE of an apostle has not been understood and the office remained vacant.

We have recently witnessed a resurgence of interest in filling this vacancy in the Church. Believers are realizing that apostles are necessary.


Replacing Election Through Vote, With Election Through Calling

Certainly, from what we have heard, believers have grown tired of the ‘elected’ leaders who were voted into office by Church officials. Believers want an apostle called of God, but really don’t know what that means yet. Believers have come to the point of realizing that the present voting system is antiquated and not of God, and that apostles should be called, not elected.

Believers are aware of the need for called vessels, not elected vessels, but in addressing the error of government through election, the Body has not gone far enough in identifying what the key error was in following this path of an elected government.


Recognizing the Headship of Christ Through Spiritual Government

Christians are beginning to realize that without the apostles office, the Head of Christ is severed from the Body. Many discussion boards are beginning to features threads which talk about the Headship of Christ through true spiritual government, and listing apostles as a must in that spiritual government. Yet in this realization, they are not able to identify how the Headship of Christ functions.

The Headship of Christ is manifested through a measure of grace. This is why the vessels who function in each office must be called, not elected (the grace is in the calling, not in the one who was voted into office).

The Headship of Christ is seen in the measure of grace He gives to each calling (Eph.4:7). Apostles are first in order because the first order of business is to disciple believers through instruction (I Cor.12:28).

Doctrine comes through apostles (Acts 2:42). When doctrine comes through apostles, this ordered knowledge is called ‘The doctrine of Christ (II Jn.9). The doctrine of Christ did not come through pastors or teachers, it came through called apostles.

In the absence of that measure of grace, pastors and teachers had to use private interpretation of scripture to instruct disciples in the faith. That resulted in faith not being perfect, and the believers suffered under the unequal yoke of truth that was in part.

Many believers are still ‘skittish’ about leadership coming through a ‘vessel’. The apostle Paul was a vessel, and the apostle Peter was a vessel, and the apostle John was a vessel. These were individual apostles working together, preaching and teaching one perfect faith. This is something the Church has not experienced since the early Church.

Even though believers are confessing to the need to the Headship of Christ, the need for called apostles, and the need for true spiritual government, they haven’t experienced it yet, and in the absence of that grace you can still hear the fear. Believers are afraid of another monopoly on error, so are considering apostleship as a broad based representation of grace as opposed to a representation of God’s grace through a vessel.

So we are hearing about the ‘apostolic mantle’ being thrown on all 5 callings. This is in error. The Body will need to come to terms with a vessel being called as an apostle and given the measure of grace to do what Jesus has called him or her to do.


Rebuilding The Original Foundation of Truth

A believer posted recently on a discussion board about apostles and said, “Until we get the foundation in order, how can we build? And with the disarray and counterfeit authority building, they are building man's house, not God's.”

The overall consensus is that the Church needs to return to the called apostles, government through the Head of Christ and believers need that original foundation of truth. The foundation knowledge must be set in order.

Many Christian groups have started works trying to reenact the book of Acts in order to have a New Testament Church. But they had no apostle, or the apostle had no calling, or if they said they were called, the measure of grace was not there.

There is no way to reenact a calling. An individual must be called to that office and be given the measure of grace to make known the mystery of Christ. Then the assembly of believers will function as the early Church.

The apostles were living to steward the saints in the mystery, and to be the contact point for spiritual government, as well as the authority for doctrine and function. This reality is far more reaching than the play acting we have seen in the last 20 years. There is responsibility in the reality of a calling, but no responsibility in play acting.


I invite you to Read My Testimony which gives witness to my calling as an apostle of Jesus Christ with many confirmations. It is God's intent to use apostolic stewardship to set the original foundation of truth in the heart. This foundation represents the WHOLE mystery of Christ.

This is what you can expect when I set the foundation of truth in you

  1. You will know how to serve God with the tools and articles of the New Testament.
  2. You will know how to recognize the cycles of your growth (Revelation, Resistance, Reward).
  3. You are given the understanding of the elements (grace, faith, righteousness, justification, sanctification, holiness, charity, truth, peace, rest, regeneration, renewing of the mind).
  4. You will know how to touch God with the virtues of Christ to please Him.
  5. You will know how to overcome yourself, the world, and the devil.
  6. You will know how to be PERFECT in faith, and HOLY to the Lord.
  7. You will know how to reflect on the witness of the Spirit.
  8. You will know the difference between the voice of the conscience and the voice of the Lord.
  9. You will know the difference between a religious spirit and true faith.
  10. You will know the difference between the law of Moses and the law of the Spirit.
  11. You will know how to know God by the fruit He sets within you.
  12. You will know about the things which spoil the soul (devalues the pattern of Christ).
  13. You will know how Jesus STEWARDS His House through government.
  14. You will know how Jesus MEDIATES the New Covenant.
  15. You will know how to identify the FORM of love that God gives.
  16. You will know how God humbles the will to His grace.
  17. You will know how to be good stewards of the grace of God by sharing what God has revealed to you.
  18. You will know how to follow the law of the Spirit to experience equity between the 2 natures of man.
  19. You will know how to offer the spiritual sacrifices of your faith.
  20. You will know the difference between truth and error.

It does NOT take a lifetime to set this foundation of truth in the heart of the believer. True, we continue to grow as we build upon the foundation, but it should not take 10 to 40 years to learn which tools we use to touch God or how Jesus mediates the covenant.

It takes approximately 6 months to set the foundation of truth in the heart of a Christian. Of course this depends on the diligence of the individual and the amount of false indoctrination that needs to be overcome. Those who seek the Lord diligently will be rewarded of Him and grow by the blessings of their contact with Him.

Do you want to know God? Then you must learn how to TOUCH Him with the virtues of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, "This is eternal life, that they may KNOW you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." Jn.17:3 This is the gospel I preach.

God is calling many apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. God is establishing the Body of Christ according to the Second Covenant traditions. Let us work together. I invite you to write to me with your questions and concerns:

"As the priest offered the sacrifice upon the altar, so the government of God sets the truth in the heart. As the flame consumes the sacrifice so also the Spirit dines on the holy knowledge and increases your joy."

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